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About True Heart Toys

  True Heart Toys was born of my love for crafting handmade toys for my daughter paired with my passion for healthy and environmentally-conscious products. When pursuing a healthy lifestyle, the materials we populate our homes with are often overlooked. Aside from the health consequences of synthetic fibers which we ingest as microplastics, the environmental impact is extreme from production to breakdown. 

  I craft each stuffy using cotton, linen, hemp, wool and buckwheat hulls. Any yarn used is either 100% cotton or wool. I source alpaca fiber and wool from local farmers, triple-wash and hand card the fiber before using it as stuffing. It is a lovely alternative to poly-fill. I also make hardwood figurines and use only Real Milk Paint, which I consider to be one of the safest paints on the market based on their clean ingredients and transparent safety data.

  I have found that many natural fiber toys are often prohibitively expensive for many folks, so I make sure to have a range of products with something for every budget, because healthy toys should be accessible for every family. I create original patterns of classic favorites to spark the imagination and inspire our kids to create their own stories.

    True Heart is the amalgamation of my artistic expression and love for the Earth. We can all do our part to be good stewards to this planet and be conscious consumers! 


Thank you to Gather Arts for bringing us all together! I look forward to connecting with our wonderful community and sharing these offerings with you.

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