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"Another word for Creativity is Courage"
What We Do

Gather Arts is a local flower farm and creator of arts. Besides growing from seed fresh blooms, we specialize in upcycled planter vessels, found treasures, and handmade wood crafts.  Located in Hockinson Washington,  we create home & garden products adding a floral/plant/farm spin on everything.


Where We Are

We are located in Hockinson, WA nestled between Battleground, WA, and Vancouver, WA. Only 22 minutes from Portland, OR.

How We Got Here

Growing up in the PNW on our family farm is where our story started. As a little girl, I thought everyone spent their days running in open spaces, planting veggies, and harvesting the love of their labor with dirt on your hands, face, and feet at all times.

As I grew older, I began to see the tremendous hard work, time, and complete dedication it took to have a farm. I realized very few people actually had this life. I started to question why anyone would dedicate so much time to the never-ending work in the blistering sun and pouring rain. I told myself I would never be a farmer. A creative, but not a farmer.

Fast forward to many years later and well, here I am both a creative and a farmer. It’s in my blood. The urge to wake with the sunrise and hurry outside in the silence to see what evolved overnight is eternal. To me, it is true peace and tranquility. A genuine creative outlet for mind, body, and soul. Gather Arts was born for the creative spirits. The dreamers, the doers, the chaser of sunrises and sunsets. We are not just a collaborative for farmers but for ALL creatives to showcase their passions. We welcome all artists, poets, growers, makers, harvesters, and creators. Come see us on our farm venue for our collaborations. Pick up some blooms and treasures.

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