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Cathy + Torie

Step into the crafty realm of Gather Arts, a workshop where artistic craftsmanship intertwines with the captivating beauty of nature, showcased through a blend of wood, colors, creativity, vintage allure, and sustainable practices. Here at Gather Arts, we take immense pride in creating wood vases, and repurposing upcycled vessels all drawing inspiration from the charm of flowers and plants. We employ time-honored techniques to build each vase, breathing new life into upcycled vessels and repurposed materials, ensuring that each creation stands as a testament to the beauty of eco-conscious art.

We would be so thrilled to be included in the Crafty Wonderland family and appreciate your time and consideration.

Below we highlighted a few of our hand-crafted products for you to view and created a process and workspace background sheet for you.  Tap here to peek at our workshop >>>

Wood Crafts

At our workshop, we craft wooden planters that utilize a diverse range of materials and styles. Our repertoire of wooden creations are reimagined from;

  • Discarded scrap lumber

  • Forrest floor branches and fallen twigs

  • Recycled tin cans - then birch-wrapped

  • Reclaimed wood from dismantled structures and fences


Hunt & Gather Vintage Finds

At Gather Arts, we have a penchant for collecting vintage vessels, breathing new life into them as captivating home decor items. Our quest spans far and wide as we search for unique vintage pieces that can be artfully repurposed as planters or vases. These timeless vessels are then thoughtfully paired with complementary plants, resulting in harmonious arrangements that blend the nostalgia of the past with the vibrancy of the present. Our planters are a hit with fans of the cottagecore style.


Hand Painted Work

With every brushstroke, we merge the charm of hand-painted art with the character of reclaimed materials, creating a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic that resonates with both the past and the present. Discarded windows have been a popular canvas choice as well as mirrors and small furniture pieces. 


Handmade Vases

Our workshop sits on our flower farm so we began creating our own wooden vessels and vases to showcase our flowers. We also created a collection of propagation vessels for plants. The propagation enthusiast loves how we add some style and charm to the process or propoagation.

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