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This wooden vase and/or propagation station is a repurposed wooden cheese mold. These wooden cheese molds are made from Spanish Oak. The molds are painted with distressed white and may have minor imperfections to give them an authentic appearance. These molds have become a popular accessory over the past few years. We added the drilled hole and glass tube for the propagation of house plants or a small vase for a single bud. This vase arrives with a stunning pink Protea flower and Eucalyptus greens.


Vase dimensions: 5.5" high x 2.5" wide

Added bouquet height = 12" total height approx


Add 12 pc of artisanal chocolates + $22 - usually $28

Add 6 pc of artisanal chocolates + $15 - usually $18

Wooden Vase and Propagation Station


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